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1888 Chandelier Restoration: Union League, Philadelphia

1888 Chandelier Restoration: Union League, Philadelphia

Project Description:
Remove, restore and reinstall an antique chandelier dating back to 1888 and measuring 18' x 8'. The chandelier was originally designed for gas lighting and retrofitted for electricity with the iron piping still in place.


Project Challenge:
Original architectural designs for the Lincoln Ballroom were recently discovered, inspiring the curators to restore the room to its intended glory. The design focused on an ornate decorative ceiling and its centerpiece, this chandelier. The chandelier was removed piece by piece, cleaned and repaired, including almost 3,000 damaged crystals. MSS provided the weight of the entire fixture so electrical engineers could properly calculate for a powered electric lift to be installed above it in the ceiling.


This magnificent chandelier is truly a sight to behold, and is the centerpiece of the Lincoln Ballroom, one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Philadelphia! 

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