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Aerospace Crating and Shipping Services

aerospace shrink wrapping services and crating

MSS provides expert crating and packaging services for the aerospace industry. Whether you need to ship an entire aircraft or its individual components – such as the wings, rotors, tail assemblies, windshields or motor units – we can serve that need. We specialize in custom packaging solutions that meet ASTM standards. Electronics and exposed metal are susceptible to damage from humidity and environmental elements and it is important to use the correct vapor barrier materials and weather shield shrink wrap to protect aerospace parts 

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International Aircraft Packaging & Shipping

We recently took on a multinational helicopter manufacturing plant as a client. Since obtaining the account, MSS has prepared multiple helicopters for shipping from Pennsylvania to destinations worldwide, including Japan and Indonesia.

Our challenge was to develop a cost effective process for transporting newly manufactured helicopters to both trade shows and final customers that ensured the units would withstand the rigors of shipping. This process required catering to our client’s high standards, allowing them to ship the aircraft in perfect condition. 

After consultation with the client, our seasoned Precision Crating team created multiple shipping scenarios that could accommodate many modes of transportation. Each of these scenarios has a customized solution: For air transport, the helicopters are shipped “tail off” with the fuselage and tail section skidded. This lowers the height, enabling it to fit into the holds of cargo plane.  For ocean transport, they are shipped in a “roll on-roll off” configuration with the unit completely intact. For trade show exhibiting, MSS Precision Crating prepares the units at origin and at the close of the show, coordinating crane services onsite as needed.

The process we designed utilizes three layers of protection that encapsulate the entire aircraft. The first layer is a scratch-resistant ventilated foam that protects the aircraft’s painted surface. The second layer consists of a flame retardant felt, used to ensure that no heat will transfer to the foam layer during the shrink -wrapping process. The final outermost layer, a 7 mm shrink-wrap polymer film, keeps the elements from penetrating into the interior surfaces. All protrusions such as antennas, winches, cameras etc. are protected with strata cell foam, and all glass surfaces are covered with a peel coat layer of plastic.

MSS Precision Crating has provided our client with a reliable method to ship aircrafts nationwide or worldwide, enabling it to get to its destination quickly and safely.

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