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Containerizing, Container Bracing & Container Blocking

a large printing press being wrapped and containerized for transport

Since 1978, MSS, a PA-based relocation and crating company, has provided high-quality containerizing and crating services to globally recognized companies and institutions nationwide. As part of our commitment to superior standards, we are the only service company that employs a full-time field network manager who travels the country auditing, training and certifying our contractors.

As a versatile crating company, MSS is able to prepare even the most intricate devices for containerizing and shipping. Recently, we were employed to ready an industrial offset printing press for shipment to Istanbul, Turkey.

MSS technicians were tasked with preparing this industrial offset printing press for shipment in less than seven days from the date of our first contact with the client. This meant it was necessary for our containerizing team to fabricate numerous heavy-duty crates without knowing how many were actually needed until the press was fully disassembled. The containerizing process also included skids and mylar bags which required loading, blocking and bracing into twelve 40-foot long sea containers. The containers would be subjected to 30-degree listing during ocean transport, requiring all contents to be properly secured in order to avoid damage in-route.

The 100-foot long industrial offset printing press was scheduled to be transported first from Boothwyn, PA to the port of Willington,Delaware , and then on to Istanbul. The MSS team was responsible for coordinating and executing the packing and loading for the entire journey while meeting the daily scheduled timelines of our client. The containerizing project proved to be challenging, and many thought it could not be done. MSS technicians were ready for the challenge and made sure they had whatever they needed to ensure success.

MSS technicians carefully surveyed the press prior to and during disassembly. When we began the containerizing project, the press was partially disassembled. The MSS team conducted a preliminary survey to gather as much information as possible to begin work, however much of the planning took place daily according to how the work and disassembly unfolded. This required our technicians to be flexible and quick, learning and adapting their plans as necessary. In all this, we determined that no less than eight standard and four high-cube 40-foot sea containers would be needed to transport the printing press.

In order to facilitate the containerizing process, the MSS team set-up a mobile shop on location. Utilizing crates that were built at our HQ production shop, as well as crates built at the mobile shop on-site, we were able to meet the daily deadlines while simultaneously loading each container as it arrived. Our team also ensured that all wood in the containers had ISPM dunnage stamps prior to shipment – to designate them as insect-free upon arrival in Istanbul.

All twelve shipping containers arrived at the port of Newark in time for transport to Istanbul, and all components of the printing press were kept safe and secure.

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