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Data Center Moves

At MSS Precision Crating, delivering on our promise to safely execute a data center move to its destination is our number one priority. Nothing motivates us more than hearing a client’s relief that we can resolve their shipping preparation needs, many of which are complex and require advanced engineering and innovation.

One of our recent challenges was to help an Internet security company prepare for a data center move by transfeing a set of highly sensitive server racks that contained imperative information. This preparation and transfer needed to be executed without disrupting the daily workflow of the company.

The packaging resolution that MSS was asked to engineer was for a data center move from a facility in California to another in Maryland, in as little time as possible. Included in the scope of the project was coordinating plans through five different offices via conference calls with the IT techs, the transportation company and the firm’s vice president.

It was critical for MSS technicians to engineer the shipment packaging method such that the server racks would not be disconnected during the prime hours of the client’s operation. After meeting with their IT team on-site, and having parallel discussions with both the vice president and the transportation company, we devised a plan to prepare the servers for shipment with minimum workflow disruption. 

The MSS team designed the data center move solution using color-coordinated phases. Since the highly sensitive equipment being packaged and transported could be compromised by any vibration resulting from excessive handling, we utilized anti-static bubble wrap and shock-mounted crates to support the preservation of all critical data during the move. We also worked off-hours to accommodate the company’s need for minimal workflow disruption and to meet the swift turnaround request.

MSS fabricated a shipment plan for this data center move across the country, ensuring that the data on the servers remained safe while the client could resume work normally.

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