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Export Crating and Packaging

 lumbar frame built around a steel crane for an export crating project engineered by MSSFor 37 years, MSS’ national network of accomplished professionals has provided unparalleled, customized solutions for assembly, installation and export packaging services. In addition to our ISO certification, we require each member of our team to participate in an online training curriculum through MSS University, supporting our commitment to offer the best service in the industry.

Recently, our export crating specialists were employed to provide export packaging services in preparing a gantry crane to be shipped from Pennsylvania to Florida, and then to its final destination in France. Our team of packaging experts evaluated the project, taking into account the crane’s cumbersome shape and weight.

The multi-faceted gantry crane came from a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer, and the export packaging solution that the MSS team was tasked with engineering had some specific requirements. Most notably, the entire apparatus needed to be expertly packed in manageable components to be shipped to Florida on a flatbed and then overseas to its end destination in France via cargo ship.

MSS technicians evaluated the different components and fabricated a packaging system to nest them all together, in addition to breaking them down into smaller packages to be shipped internationally across the Atlantic. The client was counting on us to devise a export packaging plan to consolidate and crate the crane as concisely as possible to save them time and money.

The highly intricate nature of the crane required the MSS team to consult with the client on-site. We evaluated all of the gantry crane components and created a highly customized packaging solution for the crane. This took multiple levels of export crating and packaging, with lumber keeping the highly finished steel isolated from damage. It was also critical that the package was able to be easily unpacked and repacked at the various destinations. Finally, we used steel banding and a reinforced platform to deck the crate due to its immense weight.

The gantry crane was successfully shipped to FL and then to France. The export packaging and crating that MSS provided enabled technicians to easily pack and unpack the crane at its multiple shipping destinations.

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