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Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping

CNC milling machine will require crating and heavy equipment shippingHaving worked in the heavy equipment crating and packaging industry since 1978, and backed by a team of committed, certified technicians, MSS is the optimal choice for all of your heavy equipment shipping needs.

Whether you need to ship heavy equipment within the United States or internationally, MSS is the experienced custom crating company that you need to keep your valuable equipment safe, secure, and transported without issue. Contact us using the form on this page or call us directly at 800-433-1159.

25-Ton CNC Milling Machine Shipped Internationally

Our team recently prepared a 25-ton CNC milling machine for shipment from Cinnaminson, New Jersey to Singapore. Although this may sound like a daunting task to some, as an experienced crating company, we have the heavy equipment packaging skills necessary to successfully coordinate such a complex move. 

The challenge was to create a shipping scenario that catered to our client, guaranteeing that the machine could be handled safely throughout the transportation process and arrive at its final destination in one piece. Our client was unsure that it could be done. With diligent work, our technicians readied the unit to travel a journey that involved various modes of transport, including fork lifting the milling machine to a flatbed track, and then from a gantry crane to a container ship.


Our team determined that the crate and its base needed to endure forklift and crane stresses at both the origin and final destination. The gantry crane straps would crush the crate if it was not built properly. MSS holds an ISO certification and our technicians are regularly educated on the latest trends and technologies in crate manufacturing and packaging. Through a comprehensive consultation with our client’s logistics and engineering departments, we addressed each of the potential problem areas and danger scenarios that the crate could face. Our team also included stencil indicators on the crate where the slings needed to be placed in order to properly lift the cargo onto the container ship.


First, we assembled the shipping base on-site for the client. We then created a customized support blocking system to account for any load bearing points and engineered a bolting system in partnership with our client’s engineers. Shrink wrap, in addition to Mylar bags with moisture absorbing desiccant packs, completely encapsulated the ISPM-15, “bug stamped”, certified crate to protect it from moisture and weather conditions. Our technicians also collaborated closely with the riggers to ensure the safe delivery of the machine.

MSS Precision Crating delivered a heavy equipment packaging solution to our client that ensured successful transport of the milling machine from NJ to its final destination in Singapore.

Let us know the challenges involved with your heavy equipment move. Contact MSS and learn how we can engineer a crating and shipment solution for you. 

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