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Custom Industrial Packaging & Crating

With 37 years experience in the industrial packaging and custom crating industry, MSS Precision Crating has a reputation for unparalleled services and standards. As an ISO certified facility, we must hold fast to a stern set of guidelines, guaranteeing that our clients’ items always arrive at their final destination with their integrity fully intact.

We keep valuable, sensitive, and bulky industrial products safe with custom engineered crating solutions and moisture protection packaging materials. We use:

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Industrial Packaging Solutions for Sensitive Products 

When we were asked to engineer an industrial packaging and reusable industrial shipping crate for ultra-sonic meter spool piping, ranging in size from four to twelve feet, we carefully developed a plan to support safe arrival, simple removal, and re-installation that would meet the client’s specifications. This plan is still implemented today in Delaware.

Our technicians were tasked with engineering and then consistently deploying a repeatable industrial packaging scenario that ensures damage free shipping of this industrial meter spool piping. Not only do these pipes vary in size, but they also have a high-polish powder coated finish. The piping is manufactured in one location, then moves to a calibration facility, and then moves again to its final destination.

The pipes are built in multiple sizes to serve the gas and oil energy sectors. They are specially designed to measure the velocity and amount of material that flow through them. Their unique outer coating and a delicate meter are crucial to their proper function in the field. These items have to be packed, unpacked and repacked multiple times at different destinations.
Through consultations with the company’s engineers and shipping personnel, the MSS team determined that the piping goes through excessive handling before reaching its final destination. Therefore, easy removal and reinstallation of the piping is critical. To manage the sizing requirements, the MSS team is given a spreadsheet that categorizes the multiple sizes of the pipes. Then when the company places an order, our technicians look up the size of the piping and build the appropriate crate, using a consistent and dependable crate design for all meter spools. 
MSS technicians perform the initial packing, laying the groundwork for the calibration facility and the end user. We build all the crates with reinforced decking and specialized blocking, and use resilient cushioned and ventilated Dolphin Wrap padding to protect the pipe’s delicate coating. Top loading crates with easily removed wood blocking enables the packing of multiple pieces. All crates are stamped with an ISPM certification for international shipping.

MSS provides ongoing and reliable industrial packaging services for the client that result in safe arrival of the meter spool piping, in addition to easy removal and reinstallation throughout the process.

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