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International Commercial Crating

MSS International Packaging CratesWhen MSS jumps over the bar, we raise it time and time again to ensure that we deliver the best possible services to our clients. For 37 years, MSS has been synonymous with quality international packaging, containerizing, and crating services. Since we are ISO Certified, we are charged with continually measuring and improving our quality of services.

One MSS client located in Pennsylvania asked us to regularly prepare emissions control shelters for international shipping and export to remote destinations such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We have often been required to ship up to eight shelters in just four days.
MSS technicians were tasked with engineering an international packaging solution that would enable the successful export and transportation of multiple components of the emission control shelters. Throughout this process, it was critical to account for the oversized dimensions of the units in order to accommodate them for transportation on the road.

The control shelters are quite intricate, specially built to serve the energy sector and ship internationally to worldwide locations. Each shelter consists of a large weather-tight room that houses a wide range of electronic components and monitoring equipment, including spools of cable and an electric transformer. The readings derived at these shelters are sent to the EPA to support their efforts in monitoring emissions.

To make sure that all shelter components would arrive at their final destination at the same time, the MSS team determined during the planning stage that it was best to package them all into one shipping crate. Due to the large nature of the shelters, it was necessary for our technicians to carefully size every shipping crate, constructing them to be as small as possible to avoid additional costs. Each crate was designed to measure approximately 12’ long by 8’ wide. This precise sizing kept the overall load width under the “wide load” designation, therefore leaving the client exempt from additional permit or police escort costs while the units were being transported via highway. 

The project was certainly intimidating at the start. The idea of preparing wooden export crates that were large and strong enough to handle the shelter, safe enough to protect its delicacies, and yet small enough to export without additional permits was not an easy notion. MSS technicians were ready for the challenge and created a reliable process that we have employed time and time again. All interior electronic components were first packaged and secured within the shelter using suitable materials such as anti-static bubble wrap. We took into account the structural elements of the shelter and utilized a "bolt through" method to affix each shelter, cable spool and transformer to the crate base. All elements were then sealed in a mylar bag with moisture absorbing desiccant packs. The structural integrity of the crate was maintained with the use of 4x4 reinforcing lumber around the deck perimeter and the crate lid. All of the lumber used to create the wooden export crates were built from ISPM 15 certified shipping materials to ensure they meet international shipping standards. 

Precision Crating orchestrated the successful transportation, shipment, and export of over 85 shelters to destinations around the globe, while simultaneously creating economic efficiencies for the client.  

If your commercial business regularly exports valuable products and merchandise to locations around the globe and you require expert international packaging and crating services, contact MSS Precision Crating.


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