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Lab Moves

MSS Precision Crating works with a number of top universities and institutions across the region, delivering quick, safe and efficient lab moves and equipment relocation services to destinations nationwide. We have developed a strong reputation since our establishment in 1978 and along with our expertise and exceptional service we have earned the trust of the those working in the those industries that frequently work in laboratories.

Recently a university in Princeton requested MSS’ crating, packaging and shipping services for laboratory equipment relocation to the University of Michigan.


Our laboratory relocation services always begin with careful consultation and detailed coordination. In this instance, the university’s electrical engineering staff asked qualified MSS technicians to develop a plan to effectively package and crate the contents of an academic organic photovoltaic clean room lab for its move from New Jersey to Michigan. 


MSS technicians were required to thoroughly suit-up in clean room apparel in order to survey the high-tech equipment and develop a deep understanding of the function of each piece in the lab to ensure that each piece of laboratory equipment would be packaged using protective techniques. We selectively decided the order in which we dismantled and packaged the laboratory. And our engineers used the latest technologies to carefully plan the details behind each crate manufactured and packaged for the laboratory equipment. It was critical to select the correct measurements and protective materials for each laboratory shipping crate. And during the consultation phase, we determined that relocating the laboratory equipment would require a plan that enabled the university’s lab technicians to continue working, but also considered the configuration and reassembly at the endpoint destination. 


All speciality lab equipment packaging choices for lab relocations require intense focus on the materials used to protect sensitive high-tech items. Each of the lab equipment crates were built using foam-cushioned shock mount bases and hermetically sealed Mylar bags with moisture absorbing desiccant packs.


Using MSS lab relocation services was a success. MSS successfully shipped the clean room lab and its specialty laboratory equipment from New Jersey to Michigan without disrupting the university technicians' workflow. 

Are you planning a local or international laboratory relocation? Contact MSS online to learn more about the materials and custom laboratory crating solutions we can apply for your specific needs!

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