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Specialized Machinery Crating & Moving

MSS Crating Large MachineryDoes your industry use specialized machinery containing robotics, automation, fine details and sensitive parts?

Whether you need to ship machinery overseas or within the United States, moving large machines requires an impeccable eye for detail and our specially-trained technicians at MSS have the ability to prepare even the heaviest equipment for safe transportation. Need your specialized machinery transported in one piece? MSS follows best practices for transportation methods, including: 

Use of “bug stamped” custom wooden crates that meet ISPM-15 certified crating standards. 

Ready to move your specialized machinery, robotics, or highly sensitive electronics? We can safely transport highly sensitive electronics within the U.S. and internationally. Complete the form on this page or call us directly at 800-433-1159.

Crating an Automated Assembly System

Recently, we were employed by a global machines and systems manufacturer to prepare an automated assembly system for shipment across the Atlantic from Coatesville, PA to Dublin, Ireland.


The project required that MSS Precision Crating technicians engineer a custom crating and shipping scenario for specialized, heavy machinery. Safe transportation was critical for the automated robotic cosmetics-packaging assembly line from Pennsylvania to Dublin, Ireland. While many other crating companies would be intimidated by such an elaborate operation, MSS is an expert in machinery moving services and transportation.

This client manufactures highly-specialized equipment that requires meticulous attention when shipping and handling. Therefore, it was critical for our team to develop a unique knowledge of the system which consisted of motorized conveyors, computerized displays, robotic picking assemblies and material hopper systems that were all housed within an interconnected framework of metal and glass. Our technicians devised a customized solution to protect the system while it was crated and shipped via road trucks and ocean containers. We also advised the client very early in the project that twelve 40-foot sea containers would be needed, as to give ample time for them to be ordered and delivered on-site. 

MSS is committed to customer satisfaction and have years of experience in industrial crating and packaging. We ensured all assembly line components were secured within the customized crates using an engineered system of eye bolts and rated logistics straps. This enabled the load bearing stresses to be transferred away from the specialized machines and to the crate base. A stabilized humidity-controlled environment was achieved with the use of mylar bags and moisture absorbing desiccant. Finally, a heavy-duty four-way accessible shock mount base with structurally reinforced crate walls was used to guarantee that all of the crates would be handled safely by forklift or crane. MSS also coordinated and aligned with a rigging company to make sure all equipment and machinery would be treated with the utmost care during transportation. 

The assembly line arrived to its final destination in pristine condition.

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