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Manufacturing Plant Relocation

Manufacturing plant equipment disassembled before custom cratingMSS Precision Crating has been the trusted name in crating, manufacturing plant relocation, and other industrial shipping since 1978. The certified technicians we employ have a deep understanding of our internal processes as well as the latest industry information. Their technical skills have been enhanced through extensive in-house and online technical training at our MSS University, ensuring they will provide clients with the exceptional industrial packaging services we are synonymous with.

MSS was tasked with building, delivering and packaging approximately 275 crates for an electronics manufacturing company within a three week timeline.

The industrial shipping project required MSS teams to work double shifts, both on-site and at our shop, to complete the safe packaging and delivery of high-end specialized electronic equipment. The challenge grew as the number of crates involved increased from 30 to 275, all to be accomplished within the original 21-day time frame. 

This client is a multinational company whose primary focus is in the optical technology field. The scope of the project included enabling the client to expedite its plant relocation from Ewing, NJ to Shenzhen, China by engineering a customized packaging plan in a timely matter. All crates were to be shipped via air freight.

Utilizing our 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and a fleet of fully-stocked service trucks, MSS’ personnel worked double shifts to produce all of the crates needed. Subsequently, three crews of MSS crating techs packed the crates on-site. Most of this plant consisted of testing equipment that was extremely expensive and very sensitive to excessive vibrations. Our technicians therefore used a specialized shock mount packing technique that guaranteed the safe arrival of all apparatuses in premium condition.

MSS was able to accelerate the client’s manufacturing plant relocation within three weeks without any compromise to quality or care, despite the significant increase in number of crates. All equipment arrived at its final destination safely. 

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