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At MSS Precision Crating, we aren’t just selling on-site crating services, we are selling confidence – confidence that our clients’ products are delivered safely and intact. For 37 years, we have listened to our clients’ needs and pushed ourselves to find new crating solutions that are both affordable and reliable. Our “ears wide open” innovation has helped us to master the art of custom crating and has laid our foundation of strong client relationships. 

Our team recently faced an on-site crating challenge to prepare an altar screen for crating and long-term storage while the Bryn Mawr, PA church, in which it was displayed, underwent major renovations.

The MSS team was tasked with developing an on-site crating solution for an extremely intricate mid-century altar screen for long-term storage. The ornate altar screen was composed of semi-precious stones and materials that were extremely susceptible to deterioration, including brass, copper and lead. It was critical for MSS to design a crating scheme that would protect the screen components, consisting of crosses and arches, for long-term storage.

First, MSS technicians provided in depth, on-site consultation with the church’s congregation at the church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The consultation was focused around the method and duration of the altar screen’s storage. We then devised a customized crating plan to house the 16-foot screen’s many components in a safe, secure manner.

The MSS team dismantled the altar screen on-site to prepare it for long-term storage packaging. We enveloped all components in VCI packaging wrap to protect them against corrosion. We also used strata cell foam to cushion all aspects of the screen. The entire process, including consulting, fitting and packaging, was done at the church. 

MSS was able to utilize cutting-edge technologies and on-site crating services to protect this coveted and antique altar screen during its lengthy storage period.

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