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Crating & Packaging Consultants

MSS Precision Crating has deep roots as relocation experts and packaging consultants. Since 1978, our family-owned-and-operated business has employed only the best of the best, ensuring that we provide our A-list clients with top-notch services for all of their crating and packaging needs.

MSS not only offers built to order production crates, but we also utilize our vast knowledge and experience to act as packaging consultants. Recently, we were employed by a contract manufacturer, in Eagleville, PA, to develop and prepare two product lines for shipment for a medical device constructor. These shipments were to take place on an ongoing basis.

It was critical that this product line be handled the same way each and every time, therefore the crating and packing process we were tasked with formulating needed to be clear, concise and proven. Our industry knowledge and expertise were important assets to bring to the table as packaging consultants. 

This client is designated with the ISO 13485 certification, and therefore its product line and all associated packaging must always adhere to a stringent set of guidelines, or risk rejection. Reliable and repeatable results are critical, and MSS has the experience and resources required to deliver. 

During the planning process, all of the client’s specific needs regarding their product lines were ascertained. The client supplied product drawings, which we verified and combined with measurements of “as built” devices to generate exact crate and packing specifications. As packaging consultants, meetings with the engineering, manufacturing, and shipping departments were equally crucial in educating the client with the best packaging and crating options.

Based on the planning and consulting stages, MSS created prototype shipping crates. These crates, consisting of engineered foam compartments, access ramps, and customized boxes, were sent to an all-inclusive package testing facility where they were subjected to real world challenges for multiple shipping scenarios. All testing followed highly-recognized standardized procedures established by ASTM, ISTA, UNDOT and TAPPI. 
As packaging consultants, MSS provided our client with a packing and shipping scenario that guaranteed product integrity on an ongoing basis.

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