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Custom Packaging Services for Fragile Items

Utilizing years of time-tested methods, MSS Precision Crating has gained an expertise in custom packaging crates and boxes for speciality and fragile items and collectibles. Our team is exclusively trained in the latest crating technologies and we continually aim to set the bar higher with safe custom built crates, innovative packaging supplies, affordable crate shipping and efficient packaging solutions.

MSS will select custom packaging supplies that protect your valuables from environmental corrosion and weather related damage, then engineer custom reusable shipping crates or one-time use crates for storage. Our packaging and shipping services include:

Contact MSS online or call us at 888-745-9331. Tell us about the specifications of your historic or art collectibles, fragile antiques, or speciality items and we’ll design a custom packaging solution for you. 


Custom Packaging Supplies to Protect Historical Swords

Recently, one of our clients in Delaware employed the MSS packaging and crating experts to customize wooden crates to store a private collection of antique swords, daggers and rifles. We were thrilled to be entrusted with this unique shipment and began to select the best packaging supplies to protect these antiques for long term storage. 


The diverse collection of highly valuable, historical guns, daggers and swords dated back from the Viking era to the Revolutionary War. The client knew that environmental corrosion was one of the risks involved if he stored these antiques for an extended period of time. 

Two things were a priority, (1) hire a professional company to engineer custom built crates and packaging boxes to protect the integrity of the fragile weaponry, and (2) implement an inventory system in which each collectible item was categorized and easily identifiable once they were in storage.  

Our client’s extensive collection contained daggers, cavalry swords, muzzle loading rifles with intricate parts, and other fragile weaponry. Our team had to be cognizant of the rules and regulations for transporting firearms while designing the custom packaging crates and boxes that would protect each valuable piece of the collection.  

The MSS team met with the client on-site to discuss how to stabilize the collection for long-term storage. It was imperative that the client be clear about the exact details of how his prized collection would be stored. In an effort to ease his packaging and shipping concerns, our team laid out the project methods in a precise, easy-to-digest manner. Our team also took an extensive survey of the collection and measured each item to establish a customized packaging solution. We then implemented that solution, individually wrapping each piece in ventilated cushioning and Mylar bagging. The crates, containing individual slots for each item, also featured labels on the outside for easy cataloguing. 

MSS successfully developed safe and secure packaging services, including visible and precise labeling, for our client’s valuable armaments collection.

MSS Precision Crating works with individuals and businesses interested in protecting valuable and rare speciality items with custom built crates and packaging solutions. Learn more about our previous projects in these areas: 

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