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Shipping Sculptures

a statue against a structural support engineered to safely ship sculpturesClients trust MSS for crating and packaging services because we provide custom solutions and the best protection for your valuables. The proof lies in the statistics – we served more C-level executives in 2014 than all other specialty service companies combined. With experience that dates back to 1978, MSS Precision Crating provides expert crating and packaging services for shipping sculptures and other pieces of fine art.

Recently, our team was employed by a fine art bronze casting foundry to prepare shipment of an 800-pound, 104-inch-high bronze sculpture from Chester, PA to an endpoint destination in Dallas, TX.

The task was to design a shipping scenario that would ensure the safe transport of the statue from PA to TX. 

Our professional team of technicians determined it was necessary to lay the statue on its back to fit it safely into the freight truck and give it stability. MSS also consulted with the foundry’s team of engineers to learn about the structural support systems in the casting, thereby allowing us to assemble a crate that would properly support the bronze sculpture during its 1,450 mile journey.

The statue would be placed in an LTL truck with other items, so it was critical for MSS to create a crating method that would ensure the statue was protected from hitting other objects while in transit. To this end, a customized support system that sustained the sculpture at every critical load bearing point was employed. All aspects of the statue had to be properly blocked, braced, secured and cradled for transport. 

The statue was successfully delivered to Dallas, TX from Suburban Philadelphia, both safely and quickly.

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