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Trade Show Crating & Packaging

MSS Trade Show CratesSince our launch in 1978, MSS Precision Crating has been widely recognized as the industry’s premier resource for reliable and innovative custom crating, product packaging and specialty relocation services. In particular, we are known for our expert trade show packaging services, which have helped numerous companies showcase their offerings with ease and efficiency…and ingenuity.

Recently, our team was employed to prepare solar powered prototype panels for energy-related trade show shipping in New Jersey. This was a unique opportunity to demonstrate our proficiency and inventiveness in trade show packaging.

In order to effectively prepare the panels, MSS technicians would need to fabricate an intuitively-designed trade show packaging system that accommodated solar panels destined for trade shows at multiple venues around the United States.

Because the trade shows were taking place at multiple venues, it was important that the crates be engineered in a way that enabled the client to effortlessly unpack and pack the panels, without the risk of damage. Therefore, MSS manufactured two separate crates for one assembly. Each piece to be crated was painstakingly measured for precise fitting.

MSS technicians carefully evaluated the solar panels and their different components to formulate a container that was entirely custom-fitted for the pieces. Intuitive packaging methods were critical, so that the client could easily look at a crate and know how to efficiently unpack and repack it at the different venues. Stenciling was included on the packaging to show exactly how the crate should be opened. Instructions were also included to clarify the process. Steel “butterfly” latches enabled the client to open the crate without the use of tools. Each panel was custom fitted in foam-lined slots. Lastly, the crate designed to be picked up from any side by pallets or forklifts for easy shipping. 

MSS invented a trade show packaging solution that ensured the solar panel assembly could be easily unpacked and packed while also safeguarding their integrity during the shipping process.

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