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Trade Show Shipping Crates & Solutions

MSS specially recruits professional technicians and exclusively trains them at our technical training facility housed at our Montgomeryville, PA headquarters. Our custom-designed technician curriculum and proprietary quality management system enables MSS to provide unmatched, reusable trade show shipping containers and crates, and packaging services for the trade show industry.

Looking for a high-quality, custom designed wood crate that can be easily assembled and disassembled while protecting your trade show booth or products? Complete the form on this page or call MSS directly at 888-375-3515.

Quality Trade Show Shipping Solutions

We were recently appointed by a global material handling equipment manufacturer in Wilmington, DE to create a reusable crate for trade show shipping. 


It was essential that MSS create reusable crates that were large enough to house numerous pieces of equipment, yet be relatively light. There were two critical factors that needed to be addressed when we designed these wooden crates.

  1. Avoid additional labor costs at multiple trade show locations by making the shipping crates easy to assemble and disassemble with minimal use of tools, 
  2. Reduce freight transportation costs by using innovative materials that minimize weight and volume.    

Trade show exhibiting, due to its nature, entails the utilization of specialized trade show crating and shipping techniques. Therefore, expedient, repeatable packing and unpacking of all goods to be displayed is crucial not only for cost savings, but also because the materials will be showcased at multiple locations nationwide. To support this important feature, all items were packed with an “engineered fit”, reusable crate, that allowed for minimal tooling.

In order to guarantee that we designed a compact and cost effective trade show shipping crate, MSS technicians first consulted with our client’s engineering and shipping departments to fully understand all the specifications. We then inventoried all items to be shipped and exhibited. Once this was complete, our technicians customized a crate that catered to the unique requirements of the trade show shipping process.

MSS technicians constructed a reinforced crate with high-strength fasteners and water-resistant adhesives. With a system of high-density foam, straps and latches, the crates ensured that all items were secured within intuitive enclosures that also enabled our client to quickly and safely pack and unpack all items without the use of tools or additional labor.

MSS provided a trade show shipping crate for our client that was not only simple and cost effective, but was also sustainable for many years.

To learn more about MSS, our Trade Show Shipping services, and our reusable crates, please contact us.

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