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Featured Project: Blessing in Disguise

Featured Project: Blessing in Disguise

August 07, 2019

Episcopal Church of The Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, PA contacted the Precision Crating team with an unusual project: de-install and package their altar screen for safe keeping during scheduled renovations. A visual centerpiece, the altar screen is an often richly-decorated partition that separates the nave (middle of the Church) from the chancel (space around the altar). This particular screen consisted of bronze, brass, and semi-precious stone elements—making it critical to create a packing scenario that would ensure the piece would not degrade while in long-term storage.

Baptism by fire for the Precision crew? The request was certainly an uncommon one, but that’s the name of the game for our team, always ready to adapt to and conquer a new assignment.

The screen components were first wrapped in Corrosion Intercept, a Polyethylene film embedded with highly-reactive copper particles which prevents metals wrapped within it from all kinds of corroding gases. The film, in turn, served as an internal micro environment for each component. The individual components were then set into custom-built watertight crates lined with custom-fit strata cell foam interiors. The devil’s in the details, indeed!