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Field Network

Learn more about the technicians who work tirelessly to get the job done.

Cultivated with Care

MSS enlists the services of an extensive network of technicians throughout North America. Over the last 40 years this group has been, and continues to be, recruited, developed, and trained with meticulous attention to quality and consistency.


Qualified in Skill & Manner

Our technicians are skilled tradespeople experienced in all aspects of our specialty relocation and crating services. They understand the incredible responsibility placed on them to service a customers' valued household goods, and approach each job with professionalism and respect. Additionally, all technicians must adhere to MSS suitability requirements, which include submittal to background checks.


Accommodating & Composed

MSS technicians thrive in the fast-paced and unpredictable environment of a relocation. Composed, efficient, and reliable, they approach each job prepared to adapt to changing service requests.


Tech Portal

The MSS SubPortal serves as the central hub for all MSS systems utilized by our Supplier network. It was created to provide a comprehensive "worksite" (website) housing all Relocation Specialty Service systems in single control panel.


Tech Support

We provide 24/7 support to our technicians, some of whom have worked with us since the company first expanded its nationwide reach in the 1980s. We also provide in-house technical training at our headquarters outside Philadelphia. Additionally, our Field Network Managers travel the country auditing, training, and certifying our subcontractors.


Tech Metrics

Our proprietary quality management system, Supplier Evaluation Metrics Information (SEMI), is a measurement structure focused on service metrics and evaluations (i.e. schedules, claims, work performance transferee surveys, internal feedback, and more). SEMI offers recognition and rewards, including the opportunity to gain favorable work share and "Preferred Supplier" status. Conversely, non-compliance scores without corrective action results in removal from our network.


Tech University

MSS Tech University is a proprietary interactive training and communication platform. Technicians complete a thorough online curriculum that includes standardized training and forums for knowledge-sharing between MSS and our full network.

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Training Facility

Our 30,000 sq ft headquarters in Montgomeryville, PA, is home to our technical training facility as well as our corporate employee learning center. We recognize the importance of industry knowledge sharing and focus on developing our employees' and technicians' individual skillsets.

Our skilled craftsmen and women are located all over North America ready to provide friendly professional service. They are local and have your home town spirit!