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Blocking and Bracing Machinery Crates for International Shipping

Blocking and Bracing Machinery Crates for International Shipping

Automation + Machinery

Our commercial and industrial packing and crating team was approached by a manufacturing client to build custom crates for high-value, automated press machinery. The project also called for them to then block and brace those crates within an ocean shipping container to ensure safe, secure international transit.

Blocking and bracing is an essential step-by-step packing process utilized to prevent damage to a shipment load during transit.

  • Blocking refers to packing in such a way as to prevent a load from moving side to side or forward and backward within a container or trailer.
  • Bracing is done to prevent a load from moving up and down.


Before they could even begin to block and brace, the Precision Crating team would first have to custom-build the crates to house this large, cumbersome machinery. Once complete, they would then be able to turn their focus to moving these very heavy crates from the warehouse and into the 40-ft. ocean shipping container to begin the blocking and bracing process.

Blocking and bracing techniques go hand-in-hand. If a load isn’t properly blocked, braces won’t hold. In addition to preventing movement within a container due to bumpy roads or rough seas, a properly blocked and braced load will negate the potential for harmonic vibration (a repetitive, slow, and steady movement that can cause damage).  In addition to secure blocking and bracing, load weight distribution within the container is a crucial element for safe ground and cargo ship transit.


The entire project required meticulous and thoughtful planning, staging, and execution. The Precision Crating team was well-prepared to ensure a successful outcome.

After careful analysis, the crew began the process in our 30,000-sq. ft. warehouse facility. They first used a foam-shock mount fabrication technique (used to isolate shock and vibration), along with vacuum-sealed mylar bags (used to shield from moisture), to protect the press machinery from vibration and corrosion during transit.

They then built the crates using IPPC-stamped, ISPM-15 compliant lumber. This stamp is used to mark heat-treated wood used for international shipments. The crates were fitted with dunnage, wood packaging used to secure or support a commodity.

The Precision Crating team then moved the crates into precise placement within the ocean container by expertly maneuvering the forklift. The crates were shaped to fit snuggly against the cargo and container walls and ceiling. They are also secured by using straps hooked into the D rings of a container and then cranked taut over the items.

Once fully loaded, the final step in loading the container was the application of a container seal, which is a tag that secures the door lock of your box. Container seals are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and safeguard the container on its journey. Each seal has a unique identification number and can only be broken once.


MSS Precision Crating provided a thoroughly planned and well-executed method to block and brace high-value, automated press machinery for safe international shipping and transit.

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