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Customer Testimonials

Working with MSS has been a true blessing for our company. They have always provided us with an ample daily workload. In our eight years with MSS we have developed wonderful relationships with dispatch, scheduling, customer service as well as other technicians. The quality of MSS employees are second to none to say the least. They are always there to help with any problem no matter how big or how small. Great rates and prompt payment is another added bonus that shows just how well MSS takes excellent care of their contractors. In closing I would like to thank everyone at MSS for placing your trust in us to provide excellent service to all of your customers. We hope to continue our run with you for many more years.

Service Provider – Virginia Beach, VA
8 Years of Service



My experience has been very positive as a service provider for MSS.  Their depth of resources and commitment to assist techs in the field helps us to perform at a high quality level.

Service Provider – New Jersey Shore, NJ
5 Years of Service



Being a MSS contractor for 21 years, we have grown as MSS has grown.  We always welcome there new ideas and ways to improve the business, whether it’s thru tech training, faster billing, innovated procedures (Armor Packs), recall updates and automated  dispatching.  There support of the techs and our office staff is outstanding.  All issues are addressed and dealt with in a fair manner. I truly hope to be with MSS another 21 years and look forward to new business solutions and produces.  Always trying to improve their services encourages us to always be improving our services.  

Service Provider – Boston, MA
25 Years of Service



We have shared a partnership with Movers Specialty Services for over 11 years.  It has been rewarding working with an organization that strives for and cares that each customer receives excellent service. Movers Specialty Services truly is a leader in our industry and continues to move forward through new technology that promotes growth and success.

Finally, Movers Specialty Services shows a true concern for the success of all their vendors.

Service Provider – Columbus, OH
11 Years of Service



I want to talk a minute to talk about working for MSS. It's been a pleasure working with them because of several factors. They set you up for success which sets themselves for success, through the teams, team leaders and the whole network! Also with the standards they provide, customer communication and communication with the techs in the field. The Pronto forms and the Mosette system have also helped in my success as well from planning to dispatching my days and weeks in the peak season. 

I've work with directly with them for 6 plus years and worked with them for over 20, with no regrets. Weekly settlement is plus as well for cash flow and unexpected expenditures. In closing I would to say it's been and will be a pleasure to work for years to come!

Service Provider – Austin, TX
7 Years of Service