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We're here to help reduce the anxiety and scheduling conflicts during your relocation process. From chaos to comfort, we make families feel at home again

MSS Relocation Support Services provides expertise in specialty relocation and crating services.

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  • Appliances


    Getting back into the family routine starts with your appliances – getting that first load of laundry started, your child dispensing a cold cup of water or you stocking the "fridge" for a friendly welcome with your new neighbors. Did you know that a Front Load washer requires a manufacturer shipping kit to stabilize the drum for safe transport? MSS service vehicles are equipped with 7 standard kits, plus a universal kit to protect 100% of the washer drum during transport.

  • Clocks


    Clocks are handed down from generation to generation and are recognized as the centerpieces of beautiful homes. Our clock experts record a detailed inventory to provide you with the physical and mechanical condition of your clock. The mechanical parts are delicately removed and packed for precise assembly in your new home.

  • Complex Equipment

    Complex Equipment

    Does working out on your exercise equipment or sending your kids out to the swing set sound like a good way to release some pent up energy? Complex equipment must be carefully disassembled with hardware and parts properly marked. Both a digital photo diary and safety standards training ensure reliable working conditions for you and your children.

  • Crating


    Custom built means perfect fit protection for your most valuable artwork and glass/marble tops. Wooden crates are strong and good for the environment with materials grown in renewable forestry. We only use kiln dried wood to reduce the chances of moisture during shipping or while in storage.

  • Flat Screen TV

    Flat Screen TV

    Your window to entertainment, news and sports continues to evolve as flat screen TVs get bigger, thinner and more sensitive than ever. MSS developed the industry standard FlatScreen Armor Pack – the only adjustable solution as innovative as these remarkable TVs. Look, no wires! Our high-tech audio/visual team will provide TV mounting on any wall surface, as well as in-wall wiring for a subtle accent or full blown home theater.

  • Piano


    Fill your new home with music! Grand, Baby Grand or Player pianos are properly disassembled and secured into custom built, solid wall crates to protect the body and lid separately. TIP: In your new home, give your piano a few weeks to acclimate to the indoor climate before tuning for a great sound that will last for years.

  • Pool Table

    Pool Table

    Eight ball, corner pocket! We professionally disassemble your table, crate the slates and secure all hardware for transportation. We'll place your pool table perfectly in your new home and ensure it functions smoothly for your first "break."

Working with MSS is always a pleasure. I love the fact that I can instantly get a quote and not have to wait for someone to email me a price.

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Our Standards

When we jump over the bar, we raise it, again and again. ISO Certification requires us to continually measure and improve our quality. We also developed a unique system called SEMI (Supplier Evaluation Metrics Information) to raise the quality our contractor network. The purpose of SEMI is to establish, measure, and report performance. Most importantly, it defines a roadmap that will result in the highest level of service.


Training Program

Our office staff follows a personally designed curriculum in MSS University which is required learning for new and current employees. Our technicians attend MSS Tech U and come for in-house training at our facility complete with working appliances, grandfather clocks and much more. Annually, we host a national training conference attended by over 300 North American contractors or we take the training “on the road” at our 5 regional conferences across the United States.


Skilled Technicians

Competitors cannot match our commitment to quality. We are the only service company to employ full-time Field Network Managers who travel the country auditing, training and certifying our contractors.


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