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MSS Precision Crating Services provides certified, comprehensive crating and product packaging solutions.

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  • crating

    Industrial Crating

    MSS technicians study your requirements and use "time-tested" proven designs, in conjunction with the latest technology in materials and construction methods, to provide the best protection for your products. Many companies can provide you with a crate. MSS will provide you with protection. It's how you pack the product that really matters. Learn more about Custom Crating Services.

  • palletizing

    Palletizing & Skidding

    In many cases, complete crating is not required and Skidding can facilitate equipment handling. MSS offers heavy duty skidding, using properly sized timbers and hardware to allow forklift access, and with considerable cost savings over complete crating.

  • artwork


    MSS has specially trained staff to handle all mediums of artwork. We use industry specific packing materials to gently secure and protect your precious work of art. Click to review project photos and learn more about Crating Services featuring an amazing 3D artwork project. Other types of artwork include, but are not limited to: paintings, sculptures, mosaics, sketches, tapestry and statues. Click to review project photos and learn more about Shipping Statues.

  • goods

    High Value Personal Items

    MSS provides Packaging Services for high value artwork, paintings and family heirlooms that need protection during transport or storage. Our precision craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit for your precious items, with clean and secure crates custom built at your residence or place of business. MSS is fully certified to build crates for international shipping, and we are IPPC stamped for export according to ISPM15 regulations. Learn more about ISPM 15 Certified standards for shipping wooden crates internationally.

  • mylar bags

    Vapor Barrier/Weather Shield

    Salt air and humidity can wreak havoc on exposed metal and sensitive electronics, so crating alone may not be enough for overseas transportation. Vacuum sealing a Mylar bag with appropriate levels of moisture absorbing materials (desiccant) is an excellent technique that minimizes corrosion. MSS fabricates and installs custom Mylar bags as an added service, providing ultimate protection from the elements. Weather shield shrink wrap maintains a complete form-fitted barrier from all the elements, and the UV inhibitor ensures no fading or damage from the sun.

  • ASTM crating

    ASTM & Mil-Spec Crating

    MSS is experienced at building government and military crate designs. Send us your ASTM or Mil Spec information and we will skillfully build you crates and pallets that meet the exact specifications you require. Click to review project photos and learn more about International Packaging.

  • container loading

    Container Loading, Blocking and Bracing

    With ocean shipping, your valuable containerized goods are subject to the same forces of pitch and yaw that the ocean going vessel is exposed to. The higher your container sits on the vessel deck, the more vulnerable it is in stormy seas. MSS blocking and bracing methods reduce the risk of cargo damage during transit. Whether it be machinery, vehicles, electronics or any other non-bulk loads, our crews have the expertise necessary to prepare and protect your shipment for load, lash, block and brace. Click to review project photos and learn more about Containerizing.

  • rigging


    MSS has the knowledge and experience required to arrange Rigging Services for a variety of heavy machinery. Call us to discuss the specifics of your product and needs.

  • on-site crating

    On-site Crating and Packing

    MSS does more than build and deliver crates. We offer On-site Crating, with experienced technicians who will professionally pack your product at your facility. We arrive with trucks that are fully-equipped with all the tools required to complete a job efficiently. We also set up a staging area to prevent interference with your daily operations, while keeping your environment clean and in-tact. Click here to review project photos and learn more about Custom Crating.

  • consultation


    We welcome the opportunity to visit your business and survey your products. MSS technicians will review your shipment, determine specific needs and requirements, and design an appropriate solution. We work hard to save you money. Click here to review project photos and learn more about Packaging Consultants. MSS is a Crating Company that values and builds long lasting relationships and we look froward to speaking with you.

  • trade shows

    Re-usable & Trade Show Crates

    Using industry specific hardware, MSS offers a wide range of options in designing your crate for maximum re-usability. Whether it's our Trade Show Packaging design or yours, some features include: bolt together, low-profile security latches, hinged doors, lids, ramps, custom bracing/foam and internal compartments. Click here to review project photos and learn more about Trade Show Shipping.

  • shock-mount bases

    Shock-mount Bases

    MSS uses shock-mount bases to provide the additional cushioning often required for sensitive electronics and machinery to help minimize the rigors of freight transit. Learn how we helped an Internet security company prepare for transfer a set of highly sensitive server racks in one of our Data Center Moves.

  • heavy equipment

    Heavy Equipment

    MSS is accomplished in the handling and preparation of extremely heavy equipment. We have 37 years of experience designing and building deck structures that support lifting points while managing the center of gravity. You can trust that your product will arrive at its destination safely. We also recommend best practices for transportation methods.

  • shipment consolidation

    Shipment Consolidation

    MSS helps reduce the risk of cargo loss by consolidating many items into larger custom wooden crates. For example, multi-component computer systems or integrated machine parts may be better served traveling in one large box as opposed to many smaller pieces or cartons.

Industries We Serve

Plant Relocations

Elan Pharmaceutical, IMA North America, JDS Uniphase Corp. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Manufacturing Plant Relocations.

Lab Moves

Liquid Handling Work stations, Chiller Systems, Laser Units, Vacuum Chambers, Isolation Booths. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Lab Moves.


Assembly Systems, Robotic Sorting and Feeding Lines for the Cosmetic and Medical Industries, High Speed Microchip Testing Units. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Machinery Crating.


Extrusion Presses, CNC Production Equipment, Gas and Air Handling Products, Emission Control Shelters, Large Scale Valve Assemblies. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Heavy Equipment Shipping.


Granulation Equipment, Tablet Counting, Capping Lines, Powder Dispensers, Coating Machinery. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Pharma Crating Services.


Wing, Rotor and Tail Assemblies, Windshields, Helicopter Wrapping, Motor Units. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Aerospace Crating and Shrink Wrapping Services.

Packaging Machinery

Thermoforming Equipment, Filing Systems, Bottling Lines, Bag Sealers. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Industrial Packaging and Export Packaging.

Medical Devices

CT Scanners, Imaging Machines, Ventilators, Diagnostic Units, Therapeutic Equipment. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Medical Equipment Packaging.

Museums, Galleries & Private Collections

Paintings, sculptures, mosaics, tapestry, glass, sketches. Review Project Photos and Learn More About Art Crating and Crating Artwork for Overseas Destinations.

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