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Move For Hunger Truck Pull Rope Crate

Move For Hunger Truck Pull Rope Crate


The Precision Crating team, our crew of custom craters, was approached by our longtime philanthropic partner, Move For Hunger, with a dilemma: could we conceive a more efficient way to package the massive rope they send around the country for their signature fundraising event, the Truck Pull?

The Truck Pull entails tying that big rope to a moving truck. Teams of 10 people compete to see who can pull it 100 feet in the fastest time.

Currently shipped within a not-gently worn moving box, the heavy rope required a sturdy, easy-to-latch, custom-built crate.



After receiving the rope, our custom craters assessed the best method by analyzing the follow:

  • What: multiple crates for high-quality rope (with many events running simultaneously, Move for Hunger requested additional crates of the same design)
  • When: as soon as possible, to meet charity event deadlines
  • Where: the crate would need to be designed and built, and the rope packed, in our 16,000-sq. ft. production facility
  • How: each final crate will be shipped via LTL (less than truckload) freight (LTL freight refers to the transportation of products or goods that do not require a full truckload. These smaller freight loads typically result in many separate shipments being transported on one truck.)



Our Precision Crating crew developed a custom packing scenario to meet our client’s needs.

  • Our custom packing scenario started by creating a cut list that considered all of the variables that the crate would encounter as it is handled in the freight system.

A cut list, also called a cutlist or cutting list, is a list of all the parts required to build a woodworking project that contains a number for each part along with its thickness, width, and length. Its purpose is to help you figure out how and where to cut each piece of wood. The MSS Precision Crating team always uses the best quality materials specifically suited for the given project. In this case, that meant 3/8” thick Luan plywood for the panels (due to its durable but lightweight qualities) and premium-grade ISPM-certified #2 eastern white pine for the framing.

  • The manufacturing process started with the input of all plywood cutting dimensions into our Holzma HPP 350 Beam Saw. The panel-dividing saw can cut accuracies within +/- 1/64 of an inch.
  • Next, we cut the lumber utilizing an 18” pneumatically operated upcut saw (Oliver 5025 18” Cut Off Saw) nested in a 22’ long roller table station (JA Dawley Quicksilver Roller Extension Table with a High Impact Glidestop).
  • We then utilized a “clinch nailing system” for assembly of the lumber to the plywood to ensure an attachment that would withstand all of the rigors of transport and handling.
  • Finally, we affixed Penn Elcom Butterfly Latches to the top of the crate to enable easy, frequent access without the need for tools.



MSS Precision Crating provided Move for Hunger with a study, reliable, and practical method to transport the heavy, massive Truck Pull rope.

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