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Water-Cooled Compressor Skids

Water-Cooled Compressor Skids

Commercial, Medical + Pharmaceutical

On a weekly basis, the Precision Crating team is called upon to fabricate skids used to protect OEM cryogenic commercial water-cooled compressors. The crew works in partnership with Complete Packaging, a custom packaging and cushioning company that, in these instances, provides us with the foam elements we use throughout the process.

Water-cooled compressors use liquid coolant from an external unit to cool the compressed air and any other substances present during the compression process. The cooling circuit reduces the heat with a shell and tube exchanger. These devices are commonly used in medical devices such as MRI and in proton therapy and in high technology applications including thin film deposition, vacuum furnaces and semiconductor applications. Research and development applications are cooled to cryogenic temperatures using these advanced cryocoolers.

Water-cooled compressors are important pieces of cooling system equipment. These devices are vulnerable to damage from many sources while being packaged and moved. The Precision Crating team is focused on fabricating skids that keep the water-cooled compressors protected from the rigors of handling and shipping.

The Precision Crating crew has perfected the process by designing the skid’s hinged ramp bases to exact specifications. The design includes:

  • using ISPM certified materials a shock mount, pallet jack accessible, foam base ensures the device’s damage-free shipping both domestically and internationally.
  • a hinged ramp which allows for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of the wheeled devices at both origin and destination.

The MSS Precision Crating crew consistently provides our customer with a reliable and practical method to safely handle and transport this high-value cooling system equipment.

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