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Fine Art Installation

Fine Art Installation

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Our crew was tasked with a unique project for a large scale art installation in the lobby at Lankenau Hospital Medical Center & Heart Pavilion in Wynnewood, PA.

Created by fine artist Jonathan Mandell, the visually stunning public commission was 10 ft x 7 ft and made using ceramic tile, hand-blown glass shards, and lapidary stones (small gem materials).

Utilizing such materials as well as semiprecious stones, minerals, mirror, and marbles, Mandell is renowned for creating these wall-mounted panels which evolve into what he calls “tactile paintings.”



The massive work of art consisted of upwards of 30 separate glass tile mosaic sections. The fragile piece required mounting to a porcelain tile wall at the base of a staircase, precariously located above the second floor landing. The bottom of the wall started at a height of 12 ft. from the floor and at its peak was 22 ft. high. This art installation was going to be tough.



The two-man crew utilized a genie scissor lift which initially didn’t fit properly under the wall and at the base of the stairs. They then conceived and fabricated a custom wooden platform to enable the 3,000-lb. lift to sit over the bottom stair tread, ultimately providing the needed clearance.



The MSS Precision Crating team successfully installed this beautiful piece of art. As Mandell himself raved,

Thanks again for all of your efforts. My piece was installed perfectly!



Trust our experience working with fine artists on art installation projects.

As one of Pennsylvania’s premier crating companies, MSS provides a variety of museum-quality art installation services to a broad spectrum of diverse clients, including the artists themselves. For more information about our art and artwork installation services, please contact us.

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Fine art installation


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