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Art Packing and Crating

Art Packing and Crating

Art + Collectibles

Our artwork crating services were employed by a local collector to prepare his collection of private art for interstate transport from Maryland to Pennsylvania.


Our technicians were tasked with packing the high-value art collection from a company corporate suite and then preparing the artwork for crating and transportation and from MD to western PA.


With just a three-day lead time, MSS Precision Crating provided over 55 museum quality crates for artwork that included bronze statues, woven tapestries, oil on canvas paintings, and crystal glass. The delicacy of the artwork required the use non-off gassing materials for all interior surfaces of the artwork packaging crates. After shipment, the collection was stored in a climate controlled storage facility in PA.


The meticulous artwork crating process involved using specialized methods and packing materials to ensure that the integrity of the artwork would not be compromised during transit and long-term storage. All interior artwork crate surfaces were lined with an inert non-off gassing material and each contact point was buffered with stratocell foam and volora cushioning materials. Every component of the crate exterior was fabricated to withstand all shipping stresses.


MSS executed the crating project with minimal impact to activity in the corporate suite, which was critical for the business to maintain its operations. We then successfully and safely delivered the valuable artwork to its destination in western PA. The artwork was stored with no damage incurred, and a large portion of it was donated to a university as a charitable contribution.


Since 1978, MSS has provided a variety of museum quality art and artwork crating services to a broad spectrum of diverse clients. Not only do we offer expert relocation support and logistics assembly and installation services,  we also provide flexible, certified, custom engineered crating and artwork packaging. To learn more about our artwork crating, museum quality crating, and packaging services in PA, MD, and nationwide, please contact us.

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