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Museum Artifact Packing and Crating

Museum Artifact Packing and Crating

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Precision Crating was tasked with a unique project to package and crate historical artifacts located in the New Jersey Naval Museum (NJNM) that were being moved to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The NJNM, formerly located along the Hackensack River in Hackensack, NJ, was dedicated to the state’s Navy heritage and naval history in general. The prominent element in their artifact collection was the USS Ling (SS-297), a 312-foot long Balao-class submarine of World War II. Sadly the site was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, destroying the gangway (among other things) and leading to the eventual closure of the submarine and museum. (Check out a supplemental New York Times‘s piece “A Submarine Stuck in the Muck in Hackensack.”)

The diving suit, helmet, and diver delivery system were prominently displayed at the NJNM and required careful and meticulous packaging and crating.


Our friends at Suddath Van Lines called upon us to package and crate these iconic and fragile pieces of World War II memorabilia and artifacts, a diving suit, helmet, and diver delivery system, for safe transportation from New Jersey to Washington, D.C.


Our Precision Crating experts are adept when it comes to packaging valuable artifacts. The seasoned technicians handled the fragile items with utmost care, expertly wrapping and securing them within custom-built crates designed to maintain the integrity of the items in transit.


Our team successfully packaged and crated these military artifacts and they were safely delivered to the Smithsonian.


Trust our experience with artifact packing and crating!

The MSS Precision Crating team provides a variety of artifact packing and memorabilia crating services to a broad spectrum of diverse clients, including museums for safe shipping and relocating.

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