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Statue De-Installation and Crating

Statue De-Installation and Crating

Art + Collectibles

With over 40 years of experience, the MSS Precision Crating team provides a variety of museum-quality art de-installation and certified custom crating services to a broad spectrum of diverse clients. Our comprehensive crating solutions safely and efficiently meet the high demands of our customers and ensure that the integrity of their items remain intact during the shipping process.

This time our partners at Transit Systems, Inc. (TSI) asked our crew of experts to remove two valuable and cumbersome statues from a home then crate the two items for transportation between two local residences.



The MSS Precision Crating team of specialists located the two solid jadeite (a form of jade) statues within the residence. The high value Chinese army general figures, weighing in at a hefty 1,800 lbs. each, required successful removal from the home before they could be crated for safe transportation.


Due to the immense weight of the statues, the Precision Crating team utilized a crane to securely haul the items out of the residence. Our specialists expertly fastened the statues for safe rigging before the crane began removal. Once the items were protected, the crane successfully carried them to the truck for final packaging and custom crating. Click here to check out this monster machine in action!


The statues arrived safely at their destination, however once there the team realized the items were too tall to fit through the new home’s doors. The Precision Crating crew devised a plan to expertly remove the statue heads, move the figures, and properly reassemble all without comprising the integrity of the pieces.

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