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Celebrating the Career of Mike Allen

We recently gathered to celebrate the decades’ long career of Mike Allen. Hired in 1982, Mike  is what some would call an MSS OG. Our Tech Specialist/Horologist, his singularly unique skills and experience put him in a class all his own.

From the start, Mike brought a tireless, unwavering quest for excellence in everything he was involved in. He was the ‘go to’ for assignments that required patience, tolerance, and special expertise. He would always take the time he felt necessary to ensure the right outcome, and he never cut a corner. His strongest conviction was that the work be done the right way.

Mike was often called out of town for days on end to work on preparing and assembling extensive clock collections. Transferees that hadn’t moved in a decade would demand from their next mover that they contact MSS so Mike could be assigned to their order, not trusting anyone else with their collections. Even our Local team would walk into homes only to be asked, “Where’s the man with the grey beard?” The positive touches he had lasted for years.

Mike played another pivotal role here, that of teacher, trainer, and mentor.  He was instrumental in the development, training, and back office support for the first generation of our subcontractor network. A very trusted resource, he would take phone calls day and night, from the road, home or office, spending hours on the phone to troubleshoot a clock problem or guide someone through how to disassemble a sensitive antique. His tutelage yielded a better experience for transferees by providing our network with the knowledge required to service the most treasured, rare, and unique items. Just as if he was there, the job was not done until they were completely satisfied.

He was also often found in his clock room providing the same teaching to members of our operations and claims teams. Mike provided the in-depth education that went beyond the original question, instilling knowledge that could only be found from years on the road. He reached all corners of this company.

We’re going to miss Mike’s presence at HQ. He’s a friendly face in the MSS hallways, always up for a chat. The consummate historian, whether it be clock history, the history of his beloved town of Chestnut Hill, or MSS history.

Thank you, Mike, for your steadfast loyalty, dedication, undeniable talent, and friendship. We’ll be a different company without you, but you have left a legacy that has permeated so much of what we do and who we are. Don’t be a stranger!