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Please contact the transferee 24-48 hours prior to the service request date to schedule an appointment. If you cannot reach the transferee, immediately contact the MSS Scheduling Team at 866-902-5628 for assistance.

Services must be completed on the Service Request Date. If you are unable to meet this requirement, please contact MSS Dispatch at 866-902-8590 for assistance.


Appearance and Arrival

Your crew must be in uniform, have proper ID, and a positive attitude. An initial introduction to the transferee and mover representative is a must. Proper workforce and materials are required for all services requested.


Noting Damage

Document any and all damage to the items being serviced and the surrounding property. If damage is caused as a result of service, please contact the MSS Customer Care Team at 877-822-0325 for assistance.


Paperwork Requirements

Signatures for all customers and technicians are required on MSS paperwork to ensure proper processing and payment. Any missing information or unauthorized services will result in non-payment.


TV Services

A TV inventory is required for any TV packed or crated by you. Please contact MSS Dispatch at 866-902-8590 for the proper documents. The TV inventory must include make, model number, dimensions, and note any preexisting damage.



Any changes or additional requested services must be called into Customer Service for approval. Failure to do so could result in non-payment.



For payment, email your invoice as a PDF and required signatures to subinvoice@mss1.com or via fax 800-835-0338 by 10:00 AM the day after services are completed. Please be certain that your invoice references the MSS Order #, a list of all completed services, and a notation of any requested services not completed.


Privacy, Security, and Quality Labor Standards

Your acceptance of this Service Request serves as agreement to protect and secure all PII (Personally Identifiable Information), limiting its use to providing services as intended, and you fully understand and comply with MSS Suitability Requirements available at mss1.com/quality-labor-standards/. You hereby confirm your company is fully insured, enforces a drug free workplace policy, has conducted background checks on all individuals engaged by you to work on behalf of MSS, and all individuals meet MSS Suitability Requirements.

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