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Custom Crate Building and Packaging

MSS Custom Crating Mechanical Equipment

MSS Precision Crating provides, custom crate building and industrial product packaging. As a certified crate manufacturer we have provided packaging services to many globally recognized clients throughout every major U.S. market. Our highly-specialized team uses proven, reliable designs and the latest innovations in materials and methods to construct custom-engineered, safe and secure transport solutions for extremely valuable and sensitive items in our IPPC certified crates.  We have created custom crates for artwork, labs, data centers, medical equipment, and much more!We were recently asked to prepare five CNC milling machines in Ewing, NJ for delivery to China.

Our Precision Crating technicians were tasked with engineering a custom crating and packaging plan for five milling machines that were exceptionally heavy, intricate and extremely valuable. 

The immense weight of the milling machines was due to 5000-pound marble slabs used to stabilize each unit at its top. Because the machines were so heavy and complex, it was difficult for the client to believe this challenging endeavor could be accomplished. Therefore, to ensure the design was optimal, the client’s engineering department directly supervised the packaging and crating methods we used. 

A shock-mount base design and high-strength steel banding were used to support and secure the top-heavy machines. The employment of our fleet of fully-stocked MSS service trucks allowed for the crates to be assembled on-site. An ISPM stamp was placed on every crate that was being shipped internationally, indicating it had been treated and eradicated of insects that might infest another country’s foresting industry in accordance with IPPC guidelines. 

MSS came up with a custom crating solution that ensured the CNC milling machines were delivered to their final overseas destination in a timely and safe manner.

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