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In Loving Memory of David Hudgins

It is with heavy hearts that we share news of the passing of our colleague, David Hudgins. He was 52 years old.

David spent the majority of his career in the moving industry, running different moving companies from Baltimore to South Texas, prior to joining MSS. In his relatively short time with us as our Subcontractor Recruiting Specialist, he left an indelible and positive impression on those who had the pleasure to interact with him.  His work ethic was unparalleled, an invaluable quality for someone deeply involved in one of our most important strategic initiatives, network recruitment. David was known to field calls well into the evening every day, having to cover all US time zones while talking to potential technicians coming home from wherever their current line of work found them.  David was instrumental in solving at least a dozen of our most pressing coverage areas as well as back filling and layering providers across the country. He had a knack for communication on many levels, and he possessed the capacity to talk the talk and walk the walk with everyone. Polite to his bones, he had an impeccable set of manners that rendered him incapable of speaking to you without a ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ address.

David’s tough-as-nails fighting spirit and unflappable resolve leaves us all with inspiration to be the best we can be in our own daily lives. We will miss him. Rest in peace, David.