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Custom Crates and Crating Solutions

MSS Precision Crating provides certified custom crates, pre-assembled shipping crates, and product packaging services to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket customers throughout every major market nationwide. Our comprehensive, ISPM-15 certified, crating solutions safely and quickly meet the high demands of our customers, and ensure that the authenticity of their items remains intact during the shipping process. Given our 37 years of experience, in addition to ISO certification, our clients can rest easy knowing that all products prepared for shipment arrive at their final destination in perfect condition.

Recently, our team was hired to prepare a 5,000-pound bronze statue of a stylized 1959 Cadillac for shipment across the globe to a high-end car dealership in Kuwait. While other crating companies may have been intimidated by such a complex project, MSS was excited to accept the challenge.

Not only was the statue massive in size, but it also had a unique curved-angle design. Therefore, in order to ensure this sculpture’s safe arrival to its destination, a very customized crating solution was required.

The surface of the statue featured a special patina finish that was extremely susceptible to scratching and scuffing. The automobile art form was slated to be transported by cargo ship, which presented another set of conditions to take into consideration. As with all of our projects, a well-defined custom crating plan was necessary to ensure the integrity of the sculpture remained intact.

MSS technicians consulted with both the sculptor and foundry engineers to formulate a precise crating process for the statue. The crate was so immense that it had to be built on-site at the foundry. Our team engineered a detailed system of attachment lumber so the sculpture could be secured from below. Rigging was included to get the statue onto the crate base. Because the crate could potentially be subjected to unorthodox lifting techniques, a post and lintel system of 4x4 lumber was strategically located to ensure the structural integrity of the shipping case.

MSS custom designed a failsafe crating solution for this five-ton sculpture, facilitating its protection during shipment and arrival at destination in Kuwait. 

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